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Celebration Events for the10th Anniversarybetween Hebei Medical University and Ghent University

2021-11-01 09:16:06(Beijing Time)

On October 20th, Ms. Sophie HOTTAT, Minister Counsellor of the Belgian Embassy in China, and her delegation visited our university to attend the Celebration Events for the 30th anniversary of the friendship between Hebei Province and the Province of East Flanders, and the 10th anniversary of Hebei Medical University and Ghent University. Mr. Zhang Chi, the representative of the Province of East Flanders and China platform of the University of Ghent, Mr. Wang Tao, Director of the European Affairs Division of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Hebei Province attended the events. Professor Zhai Haihun, Party Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee, and Professor Wu Yuming, Member of the Party Standing Committee and Vice President, met with the delegation. Director of the president's office, Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division, Deputy director of the institute of Medicine and Health, and Director of the DisciplineOfficeattended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Wu Yuming.


At the meeting, Professor Zhai and Minister Counsellor Ms. Sophie delivered speeches respectively. First of all, Prof. Zhai expressed his warm welcome to Ms. Sophie and her delegation. He reviewed the history of the establishment of the friendship between the two universities and spoke highly of the results of the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides during the past 10 years. Party Secretary Zhai pointed out that Ms. Sophie’s visit coincided with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belgium, the 30th anniversary of the relationship between Hebei Province and the Province of East Flanders, the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the China platform of Ghent University and the 10th anniversary between Hebei Medical University and Ghent University. He mentioned that October 20th is also the anniversary day of Hebei Medical University, so the events in such a memorable day will definitely provide new impetus and create new opportunities for the collaboration between the two sides.

Minister Sophie expressed her gratitude to Prof. Zhai for his hospitality and wished Hebei Medical University a happy 127th birthday. She highly commended the contributions made by Hebei Medical University in the field of Sino-Belgium cooperation. She said that the Belgian Embassy in China has always attached great importance to cultural communication, especially students’ exchanges and the cooperation in teaching and research. In the future, the Embassy in China will continue to support exchanges and collaboration between the two universities. On behalf of the Province of East Flanders, Minister Sophie sincerely looked forward to closer ties between two provinces and two schools, and hoped that the two provinces and two schools would resume bilateral visits after the pandemic. Afterwards, Minister Sophie listened to the history of cooperation between our school and Ghent University, and the two sides exchanged gifts.

After the meeting, Minister Sophie and her delegation visited the History Museum of our university and the Stem Cell Center Laboratory of the Institute of Medicine and Health. She pointed out that Hebei Medical University has been internationalized since its establishment in 1894. During the development of about 127 years, international exchanges have never been interrupted. And the 10th anniversary celebration between two universities will surely become a highlight in the history of international exchanges.

Afterwards, Prof. Zhai and Minister Sophie came to the old gate of our university and planted a friendship tree-Meliaazedarach L. Prof. Zhai explained that the pronunciation of "楝" in Chinese is the same as "love", which is a symbol of the profound friendship between the two provinces and two schools. And the flowers, leaves and bark of tree can be used as traditional Chinese medicine. Today we planted the friendship tree in such a historical medical institution, and it will encourage the two sides to continue their cooperation in the field of medicine and health. The flowers and fruits of the tree will give promise to more and more high-level research results of our cooperation. At the same time, the Meliaazedarach L will bloom lavender flowers in the late spring and early summer. It is known that the blooming period of Meliaazedarach L coincides with the summer solstice, which symbolizes the flourishing prospect of our exchanges. We all expected its heavy harvest in the future.


Minister Sophie said that the planting of the friendship tree is of great significance in memory of the momentous events between the two countries, two provinces and two universities. She wished the tree evergreen permanently and expected to come back next year when it blooms. In the end, Porf. Zhai and Minister Sophie unveiled the monument of the friendship tree.

After the ceremony, Porf. Zhai and Minister Sophie took a group photo with the representatives of teachers and students who participated in the tree planting activity in front of the old gate of our university.

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