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It’s kind of good in China——one-year anniversary review of the of coronavirus-caused pneumonia

2021-02-26 12:06:11(Beijing Time)

We are international students from Hebei Medical University. After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic on January 2020, we never returned to our own country or reunited with our relatives. Instead, we chose to stay in campus in China, and from then on, we began the unforgettable campus life under the epidemic...


The outbreak of Covid-19 was fierce. The Chinese government acted quickly and the university also took many effective measures to ensure our safety.


The prevention and control measures turned more stringent as the epidemic became increasingly serious. Chinese government officials and school leaders visited us many times to convey the courage and confidence in overcoming the epidemic.


We also created many paintings, poems and essays to express our determination to fight the epidemic together with China and to pass on our blessings to China.

We have 13 overseas students, organized charity donations for the Chinese epidemic prevention and control in their own countries. They donated collected funds to Chinese patients infected by novel coronavirus, to help them recover as soon as possible.


【March, 2020】

In the most difficult times, our university sent us living material, which made us feel warm.


Blocked in the campus, the university teacher volunteer gave us haircut and distributed masks for us.

The new semester began, we changed to online teaching, by using multiple online teaching methods.


【April, 2020】

As the epidemic situation turns better, our college began to organize outdoor sports for us three times a week to improve our immunity and physical quality. We learned Chinese Taijiquan, Ultimate Frisbee and other very interesting sports.

As the spring of 2020 is coming, we could not go outside the campus, so the teachers bought colorful potted flowers for us to decorate our dormitory and beautify our life.


【May, 2020】

In order to further improve our diet and enrich our nutrition, the canteen began to provide lunch for us, providing all kinds of delicious meals.


The weather is getting hot, in order to ensure our food safety, the university appropriated special funds to buy three large capacity refrigerators for our international students in ampus, to facilitate our daily food storage.


【June, 2020】

Affected by the epidemic, many of us delayed graduation, but some of us overcame difficulties, successfully completed clinical practice and thesis defense, and finally graduated!

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the teachers introduced us to the traditional customs of the festival and let us experience the traditional therapy of Chinese medicine, moxibustion, a magical medical skill that is said to have played an important role in fighting against the coronavirus.

【July-August, 2020】

Summer vacation began, for safety, we still stay in campus. The university set up two courses for us, "Badminton" and "Yoga", and guaranteed 2 hours of physical exercise in the fitness center every afternoon, which enriched our holiday life.

【September, 2020】

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the college held a variety of activities for us to make us feel at home. Together with Chinese students, we made moon cakes, enjoyed performances, and experienced traditional Chinese culture in ancient Chinese costumes.

【October, 2020】

Autumn is coming, our college specially invited martial arts coach Liu Suyin to teach us traditional Chinese fitness Qigong Ba Duan Jin, so that we had a profound perception and experience of Chinese sports.


【November, 2020】

In essay contest regarding to the epidemic, one of our international students was awarded. She deeply reviewed the campus life since COVID - 19 outbreak, expressed heartfelt praise of love to the teachers, university, the Chinese government and people in the war against disease.


【December, 2020】

In order to celebrate the New Year, we learned Chinese Taiji Fan under the guidance of our martial arts coach, Ms. Liu Suyin.


【January, 2021】

At the beginning of the New Year, the novel coronavirus outbroke in Shijiazhuang. This time, we had no fear, no more anxious, because under more than one year experience, we believe people will be able to overcome the disease.



【February, 2021】

The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, and the university is full of lights and decorations. We and the teachers together write blessing, paste Spring Festival couplets, make dumplings. We feel the strong flavor of the traditional Chinese New Year, pray for peace and joy, for the coming year!

Contributed by: International Education College

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