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International Education College Organized Students to Study Baduanjin

2020-10-27 09:02:43(Beijing Time)

In order to improve the body resistance and to perceive the rich connotation and excellent cultural spirit of traditional Chinese sport, the International Education College organized an unique event for students to study Chinese traditional qigong-Baduanjin at the playground in Zhongshan campus on 25th, October. As a retired teacher of our university, Mrs. Liu Suyin, the sixth Dan and the second-level judge of martial arts, was specially invited to give guidance. More than 40 international students as well as Chinese teachers and students who were interested in the sport participated in the activity.


Originated in the Song Dynasty of China, Baduanjin has a history of more than 800 years. It is an independent and complete set of fitness skills, with gentle and graceful movements, which has a very good effect on strengthening the body and preventing disease. Mrs. Liu's skillful and beautiful movements left a deep impression to the international students.

Some teachers from International Education College also participated in the writing of hand-painted booklets " learn to play Baduanjin through pictures", as to promote Chinese culture.

This event coincides with the Double Ninth Festival. At the end of the activity, representatives of international students presented flowers and gifts to Mrs. Liu, expressing their best wishes and heartfelt thanks to her.

Contributed by: International Education College

Translated by: International Education College

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