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Institute of Vascular Surgeryof Hebei Province

2020-06-15 09:49:51(Beijing Time)

Institute of Vascular Surgeryof Hebei Province is one of pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases in China, named in 1998 by Hebei Provincial Health Department. It is the surgical specialty of General surgeryDepartment, the first hospital of Hebei Medical University.After the development of overdecades, it is now one of the large diagnostic and treatment centers of vascular diseases which integrate medical service, education and research in China.It is now a Clinical Key Discipline of Hebei Province and the awarding point of doctor's degree and master's degree of Hebei Medical University.It isalso a NationalStroke Screening and Prevention Demonstration Base, certified by the National Health Commission.

The center has 24 medical staff, including 4 senior staff, 12 intermediate titles, and 2 have got Medical Doctor degree, 10 Master degree. The center possesses 37 hospital beds, with an annual over ten thousands clinical and emergency patients, an annual admission of more than 1500 inpatients, and finishes 1000 endovascular operations and 600 open and Hybrid operations per year.At present, it can carry out vascular or endovascular surgery for complex aortic dissection, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery stenosis, and finish various vascular bypass operation, reconstruction of the aortic arch,trans jugular intrahepatic porta-caval shunt, etc.

With development of more than 20 years, our center is divided into seven second-degree branches:1. Aortic disease anddisease of major branch arteries from aortic arch, 2. Peripheral arteriosclerotic diseases, 3. Diabetic foot ulcer andbelow-knee arterial Diseases, 4. Prevention and treatment of venous thrombosis, 5. Hemangioma and vascular malformation, 6. Minimally invasive treatment of lower extremity varicose veins, 7. Treatment of acute hemorrhagic diseases. The center has developed into an excellent team that integrates the comprehensive development of endovascular therapy, surgery and vascular disease research. In recent years, due to our in-depth research and outstanding contributions in the field of peripheral vascular diseases, our center has obtained the qualifications of "clinical education center of peripheral vascular College of Bard China Medical Science Center", "cross-road intervention training base", "demonstration base of urban VDM center", etc.

Over the years, our center has actively introduced advanced medical technology and equipment, and is committed to solving various complex vascular diseases with the most minimally invasive methods. The operation capacity and discipline influence are in the leading position in Hebei Province.

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