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Hebei Province Nutrition Specialty Quality Management and Control Center

2020-06-15 09:43:50(Beijing Time)

Hebei Provincial Nutrition Professional Quality Management and Control Center is a professional quality control organization under the leadership of the Hebei Provincial Health and Health Committee. Its responsibility is to formulate the province's nutrition professional quality control standards, technical operation specifications and quality assessment programs, and organize implementation; Provincial nutrition practitioners' professional team business training; responsible for collecting domestic and foreign nutrition professional frontier professional information, and organizing the development and application of new theories, new methods and new technologies; research and introduction of nutrition professional technology and scientific research projects Scientific argumentation, etc.

The Quality Management and Control Center for Nutrition Specialty of Hebei Province was established in 2013 and is attached to the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University. The director of the center is Professor Li Zengning. In 2019, the expert committee will be adjusted. There are currently 25 members of the expert group: 1 director, 5 deputy directors, 18 expert members, and 1 part-time secretary. At present, 7 municipal-level nutrition quality control centers have been established. In order to improve the quality, the Hebei Province Nutrition Quality Control Center has also established a Hebei Province Nutrition Quality Control Network Platform, forming a wide coverage, layered and networked (interaction,communication) quality control network communication platform.

At the same time, it uses advanced quality management methods to effectively perform the guidance, training, supervision, and supervision functions of the quality control center to comprehensively improve the overall clinical nutrition development level in Hebei Province; the center actively builds standardized, systematic, and informatized clinical nutrition quality control in Hebei Province Management platform, benchmarking the international advanced level, and striving to achieve the coordinated development of clinical nutrition of medical institutions at all levels in the province. The quality control center will always adhere to the development concept of "leading excellence and interconnected progress" and lead the nutritional community in Hebei with a hard-working spirit. Constantly pioneering and innovating and striving forward.

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