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The First School of Clinical Medicine / The First Hospital of HEBMU

2020-06-15 08:55:53(Beijing Time)

The First School of Clinical Medicine / The First Hospital of HEBMU

The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University is located in Donggang Road, Shijiazhuang city. It is a provincial general hospital , professional in diagnosis and treatment of encephalopathy and cardiovascular diseases, well known by its treatment of congenital heart diseases. The hospital has 2130 employees, including 363 with senior titles, 7 experts receiving special allowance from the State Council, 4 experts receiving special allowance from the government of Hebei province, 3 excellent experts in provincial administration of Hebei province, 7 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Hebei province, and 16 doctoral supervisors in different majors. The hospital has 2,000 beds, covering an area of nearly 16.5 acre, and on the basis of complete departments setting, we are able to comprehensively treat a wide variety of systemic diseases, such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics, etc.

In terms of the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the treating skill of our hospital in heart failure and infant congenital heart diseases belongs to the first-class of China, especially the interventional operation of children with congenital heart diseases. As a technology leader in this field in the whole province, the medical stuff has successfully performed more than 10,000 operations. The hospital also has the Stroke Screening and Prevention Base of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and won the honorary title of “National Advanced Stroke Center". The Mental Health Institute of Hebei is also located inside the hospital. In addition, the hospital also has 6 provincial diagnosis and treatment (quality control) centers, including Nerve Interventional Operation Centers, Peripheral Vascular Disease Centers, Liver Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Centers, Endoscopy Diagnosis and Treatment Centers, Nutrition Centers and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Prevention and Treatment Centers, etc., leading the development of these specialties in the province.

As a clinical teaching unit of Hebei Medical University, the First Hospital undertakes teaching tasks of more than 6000 class hours every academic year. At the same time, the hospital is also a standardized training base for resident physicians, undertaking standardized training tasks for resident physicians of various specialties and general physicians. In recent years, the hospital has invested a lot to build the first-class and high-standard clinical skill training center in the whole province, vigorously carried out distance teaching and multimedia teaching, and integrates the management of the accommodation of further education students.

The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University has the first batch of national stem cell clinical research institutions approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (the only clinical institution in Hebei province), Hebei brain Aging and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Hebei Burn Treatment Engineering and Technology Research Center, and Hebei International Science and Technology Cooperation Base. The hospital has a high-standard specimen bank, and the central laboratory is pi-style and open 24 hours a day. At present, the hospital has undertaken 1,011 scientific research projects at all levels, including 21 national projects. The hospital awarded 205 awards, including 1 provincial science and technology progress award, 9 second prize, 11 third prize and 184 city-level awards. The Hospital has published more than 1500 articles, including 150 SCI papers.

In recent years, the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University focus on public welfare, undertakes social responsibility, and carries out the reform of public hospitals actively. Through continuous improvement of management level and medical services, the hospitals have played an exemplary role in clinical diagnosis and treatment, quality nursing, counterpart support, and social assistance. We carry out a variety of medical services such as chronic disease outpatient service, specialized outpatient service, and family doctor contract in the province, and the patients' medical experience and satisfaction continued to improve. The hospital has won various honors: National Health Management Demonstration Base, National Patient Trust Demonstration Hospital, 100 Innovative Hospitals of China, Medical Service Improvement Demonstration Hospital, the first Medical Social Worker Practice Base of China Social Work Federation, group award of "Moving Hebei" person of the year, Hebei Province Contribution Award for Caring for Children, sand Children's Charity Award of Hebei.

Looking forward to the future, the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University will carry forward the motto of " Advocate ethics and focus on medicine and helping people”, never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind, forge ahead, and keep moving forward towards the goal of building a well-known comprehensive university hospital in China with patients satisfication , happy doctors, beautiful environment and harmonious humanities.

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