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The Mental Health Research Institute of Hebei Medical University/The Mental Health Research Institute of Hebei/The Mental Health Institute of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University

2020-06-15 09:44:20(Beijing Time)

The Mental Health Research Institute of Hebei Medical University, the Mental Health Research Institute of Hebeithe Mental Health Institute of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University were established in 1995. The institute is under the management of the hospital, both be leaded by the University. In 2015, the instituted had been approved as of Mental Health Research Institute of Hebei, include 3 teaching and researching sectionPsychiatry (Chinese and English). Since 2016, the institute started to enrolled undergraduates majoring in Psychiatry. The institute had also been awarded as the key discipline of Psychiatry of Hebei province, the key clinical specialty of Psychiatry of Hebei province, the Continuing Medical Education Base of Hebei province, the National Drug Clinical Trial Base, and the Standardized Training Base for Resident Psychiatrists of Hebei province, The first batch of core units of the national center for clinical medical research in mental illness, Hebei Mental and Psychological Clinical Research Center, Psychiatric Medical Liaison and Consultation Base of General Hospital. Affiliated with the Hebei Mental Health Association, Hebei Medical Association Psychiatry Branch, Hebei Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Mmental Health Branch, Shijiazhuang Medical Association Mental Psychology Professional Committee. The institute is integrated with Clinical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation.

The institute is chaired by Dr. Wang Xueyi, chief physician and professor. The institute has in total of 186 medical personnel, including 24 senior professional personnel, 3 doctoral supervisors, 11 master supervisors. The institute has 313 beds and 11 outpatient clinic rooms (including general outpatient clinic rooms, expert outpatient clinic rooms, children and aged outpatient clinic rooms, autonomic nervous system disorders outpatient clinic rooms, depression outpatient clinic rooms, sleep disorder outpatient clinic rooms, psychological consultation and treatment outpatient clinic rooms, child growth management outpatient clinic rooms), 8 inpatient wards (psychosomatic ward, integrated TCM and western medicine ward, children and aged patient ward, neurosis ward, male ward of severe mental illness, female ward of severe mental illness, somatic and mental ward, and Yuanshi ward); At the same time, the institute also has outpatient examination and treatment area; Psychological counseling and psychotherapy area; Rehabilitation area, to meet the needs of different diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Over the years, the institute has won 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The institute also won 21 Hebei Province Medical Science and Technology Awards, including 8 the first prize; undertaken 9 national projects and 18 provincial and ministerial projects. The institute had published 304 papers in total including 32 SCI papers and 52 core papers in Chinese. And 25 academic books had been published by the institute.

As a research institute of teaching hospital, since 2003, the institute was qualified to train PhD and master of psychiatry and mental health for Hebei medical university. In 2016, the Mental Health Department of Hebei medical university had been established, enrolling 60 students every year. Now the institute is undertaking the teaching task of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology, Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry Bases, Psychopharmacology, Geriatric Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Besides that, the psychology course (in English)of International Education College for overseas students are also undertaken by the institute, Every year, the institute complete the teaching task for over 600 class hours successfully. Up to now, a total of 93 graduate-students and 4 PhD have been trained by us,55 students of them graduated. Currently, the institute is training 38 master's students, 4 PhD. The institute trained these students as high-quality mental health professional backbone of the whole nation.

As the forensic examination unit of mental illness of Hebei province, the institute has advanced psychological measurement system and other advanced equipment, such as sleep monitoring, also has the ability in evaluating of personality, emotion, memory, intelligence, life ability, interpersonal relationship, and various of other mental disorders. Every year, more than 500 cases of mental illness were appraised.

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