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Brain Aging and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of Hebei Province

2020-06-15 09:36:16(Beijing Time)

Brain Aging and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of Hebei Province was formally incorporated into the management sequence of Hebei Key Laboratory in 2006. It is one of the earliest established key laboratories of life science in Hebei Province. The building area of the laboratory is about 1700m2, with a total value of about 12 million yuan of instruments and equipment, including flow cytometer, inverted fluorescence microscope, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy instrument, event-related potentiometers, real-time quantitative PCR instrument and various basic experimental facilities. With a variety of specialized laboratories,it can meet the research needs from macro to micro levels.

From the perspective of brain aging and cognitive neuroscience, the laboratory comprehensively uses new multi-disciplinary technologies to study the performance and mechanism of physiological aging and pathological aging of the brain, and explore the mechanism of neuron degeneration and death from the micro level of molecular biology, cytochemistry, micro and sub micro level of neurons, as well as the macro level of nervous system, whole brain cognition, behavior test, etc. The lab aimed to find new methods and means for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of aging brain degenerative diseases and cognitive decline. At present, there are three main research directions: 1. Neural remodeling and related mechanisms of brain aging and brain degenerative diseases; 2. Basic and clinical research of stress and cognitive and emotional disorders; 3. Basic and clinical research of cerebrovascular diseases and cognitive disorders.

In the past three years, more than 130 papers were published, including 25 SCI papers, with an impact factor of up to 10.7. It has undertaken a number of national level topics, including eight projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, six projects of Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province, six of the applied basic research plans of Hebei Province, two national patents, and raised 20.31 million yuan for scientific and technological activities The lab members published 8 academic monographs and won 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes for scientific and technological progress in Hebei Province. 117 researchers with master's degree or above were trained, 6 large-scale academic conferences on national or above level were hold, 7 open topics projects were set up and 44 domestic and foreign excellent scientific and technological talents were invited to carry out guest research.

Up to now, the research system of brain aging and cognitive neuroscience in Hebei province has been preliminarily established and extensive academic exchanges and technical cooperation with peers at home and abroad have been promoted. The future work is expected to produce a number of scientific research results with high theoretical level and strong applicability, forming a wide range of academic influence. In terms of application development and technical services, the laboratory continues to make outstanding contributions to the cause of health. At present, as the research center and high-level personnel training base of brain aging and cognitive neuroscience theory and clinical research in Hebei Province and even the whole country, the laboratory is at an advanced level in the research field of brain aging in our province and even in China.

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