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Joint Efforts to Fight against the Pandemic with Creighton University

2020-05-09 18:16:22(Beijing Time)

At present, COVID-19 continues to spread globally. Professor ZhaiHaihun, Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee sent a letter to our partner Creighton University, which was being severely affected by the pandemic, to express his concern and care at the beginning of April. Recently, Daniel S. Hendrickson, President of Creighton University in the United States, and Evan T. Robinson, Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Health, sent back a letter of gratitude.



President Daniel S. Hendrickson and Dean Evan T. Robinson expressed their deep appreciation for our experience sharing and showed their high praise of our achievements in the fight against the pandemic. They also introduced Creighton University ’s actions taken during the outbreak of COVID-19 and their prevention measures. They attached great importance and pride to the solid friendship with our university. At the end of the letter they sincerely expressed their hope for resuming and continuing collaborations in the near future.

In this special period of the global fight against COVID-19, the mutual encouragement and support between our university and our partner not only reflects the deep friendship between the two sides, but also strengthens the belief of both sides to win the victory over the pandemic. Our university will continue to hold hands and work together with our partners to promote international cooperation.

Contributed by: Propaganda Department

Translated by: International Cooperation and Exchange Division

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