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Mutual Support to Fight against the Pandemic with Shinshu University

2020-04-17 18:30:15(Beijing Time)

The current spread of COVID-19 around the world has become a worldwide threat, and the situation of foreign countries is getting increasingly severe. As a close partner, Prof. Zhai Haihun, Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee sent a letter Shinshu University and expressed his concern and care on April 2nd. Recently, our university has successively received their reply.

President Kunihiro Hamada expressed his sincere gratitude to Prof. Zhai Haihun for his continued support of the friendly relationship between two sides. He suggested that both of us should strengthen the communication via the Internet during this period. He would like to sincerely pray for the safety and health of Prof. Zhai and everyone at Hebei Medical University. Lastly, he enclosed the photos of the cherry blossoms captured by him, and hoped everyone can enjoy them.


Vice-president Kiyoshi Tanaka described the situation against the Pandemic and online teaching activities of Shinshu University, and he sincerely hoped that Prof. Zhai would visit Shinshu University to attend the opening ceremony of Satellite Office and Medical Education and Research Center in Shinshu University in this autumn.

During this special period of time, the mutual encouragement and support between our university and Shinshu University not only reflects the deep friendship, but also strengthens the belief of both sides to win the victory over the pandemic. Our university will continue to work together with Shinshu University to promote international cooperation.


Contributed by: Propaganda Department

Translated by: International Cooperation and Exchange Division

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