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Mutual Support and Joint Efforts to Fight against the Pandemic

2020-04-15 08:49:42(Beijing Time)

The current spread of COVID-19 around the world has become a worldwide threat towards the safety of public health. With the joint efforts of the whole university staff and students, Hebei Medical University has done its best in the epidemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, we have also shared our sincere sympathy and offered mutual support and care with our overseas partners in the battle against the pandemic.

At present, the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control is gradually improving while the situation of foreign countries is getting increasingly severe. As a close partner, our university has sent letters to our partners to express our concern and care. Professor Zhai Haihun, Secretary of the CPC HEBMU Committee said in a letter, “At present, global public health governance is facing severe challenges, requiring close collaboration among countries. The pandemic has temporarily interrupted our visits scheduled this year, but this will not affect the long-term and stable relationship between our two universities. On the way to fighting against the pandemic, we are partners who mutually assist each other. We sincerely hope that we two sides will further strengthen and deepen cooperation around global public health governance and jointly promote human health and welfare when the battle is over."


After the outbreak of COVID-19, our university has successively received concern and condolences from foreign cooperative universities and institutions in the United States, South Korea, Belgium, Japan, and Ireland etc.

Professor Rik Van De Walle, president of the University of Ghent in Belgium, wrote a letter expressing appreciation for the effectiveness of China's anti-epidemic response and greetings to all the teachers and students of our university.

Professor John E. Endicott, president of South Korea's Woosong University, described his feelings of online teaching in his reply. He hoped that the two countries would further strengthen exchanges and strive to provide high-level education for all students during the outbreak. Professor Isabella, vice president of Woosong University in South Korea, wrote a letter of thanks to Professor Zhai Haihun, deeply expressing the genuine friendship of “treating each other with all sincerity” and "sharing happiness and sorrows” together.



Professor Timothy, dean of College of Medicine, National University of Ireland Galway, also wrote back, highly affirming the support given by our university since the establishment of the joint stem cell research center of the two universities, and expressing his expectation for the mutual visits after the battle is over.

Professor Chen Zhesheng, director of the global platform of St. John's University in the United States, wrote to express his concern about the situation of the domestic epidemic and hoped that the partnership with our university would be further consolidated after defeating the pandemic.


Best friends hold hands and hearts together. During this special period of time, the mutual encouragement and support between our university and foreign cooperative institutions not only reflects the deep friendship between the two sides, but also strengthens the belief of both sides to win the victory over the pandemic. Our university will continue to work together with our foreign partners to promote international cooperation.


Contributed by: Propaganda Department

Translated by: International Cooperation and Exchange Division

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