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International students participate in outdoor sports activity organized by International Education College and Department of Physical Education

2020-04-08 10:15:33(Beijing Time)

As our domestic pandemic prevention and control situation continues to show a positive trend, the International Education College together with the Department of Physical Education organized an outdoor sports activity for the remaining 37 international students at the playground of Zhongshan campus on the afternoon of March 30, in order to enhance students’ physical fitness, to improve their resistance to disease, to strengthen physical exercise, and to enrich their campus life.


During the first outdoor sports activity, the International Education College held a short opening ceremony. The vice president of our university Mr. Feng Jun, director of the Physical Education Department Mr. Li Yonghui, leaders and head teachers of International Education College attended the ceremony. On behalf of our University, vice President Mr. Feng Jun extended sincere greetings to the students. He also expressed his thanks for students’ understanding and support to the pandemic prevention and control regulations and requirements of our university over the past two months, which consciously maintained safety and stability during this special period. He also encouraged students to stick to online study, meanwhile students must do outdoor exercise to make sure they have a good health to support daily study and life. All of the international students extended their gratitude to the leaders for their concern and greeting.

Mr. Li Yonghui, director of the Department of Physical Education, introduced the important role of physical exercise, the awareness of safety during sports, and the types of sports to be carried out. The instructor Lu Jia from the PE Teachers’ Office of Jianhua Campus was specially invited to take the first extreme frisbee sports class, which intrigued great interest of the international students. Everyone enjoyed the pleasure of frisbee sports on the playground.

During the special period of this pandemic prevention and control, the International Education college will work closely with the Department of Physical Education to ensure all the participants’ body temperatures are normal and all the sports equipment is disinfected. Three classes of sports activities will be assured each week, including running and jumping exercises, Tai Chi, extreme frisbee and various ball games, etc., which amply demonstrates great humanity and overall education to international students by our university.


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