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Departments pull together, jointly ensure security on international students during the novel coronavirus epidemic

2020-04-03 10:48:28(Beijing Time)

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the safety of international students in campus and the prevention and control of the epidemic were valued highly by our university. In the past two months, our university took effective measures, setting up an emergency working group under the lead of university leadership. All departments cooperated closely to ensure the safety of international students in campus.


During this period, the university leadership visited international students’ apartment for several times, cared about their studying and living conditions, and promptly resolved the difficulties and problems for students.

Since the beginning of online teaching on February 24, there are more than 80 teachers from the School of Basic Medicine Sciences, the school of Forensic Medicinethe School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the School of Public Health, the School of Medical Imaging, the First, Second, Third and Fourth Affiliated Hospitals of our university currently provide online teaching for international students. In order to improve the quality of online teaching, each department communicated with the International Education College on the form of class, attendance records, and teaching efficiency.

The teachers who are responsible for online teaching in each department seriously complete the teaching tasks of every single class with highly responsible attitude. For example, Professor Jiang Lingling, who comes from the School of Basic Medical Sciences, gave class through "rain class" client and answered questions through WeChat group and summarized after each lecture. Teacher Wang Zhe, from the Teaching and Research office of Physiology, fully considered the problem of jet lag, sacrificed her own time to arrange a suitable time for giving live teaching to international students. In the first lesson "Respiratory Overview" of Anatomy for 2019 batch MBBS  students, teacher Ma Jun, from the Teaching and Research Office of Anatomy, introduced the ideological and political elements of the course, closely combined with the occurrence of the current epidemic, and connected our anatomy expert Professor Cui Huixian to provide online guidance for international students. On March 17th, China News Network made a special report on the good effect of online teaching for international students in our university.

Meanwhile, the Logistics Department supported a lot and provided daily disinfection during the epidemic period. For example, each dormitory is equipped with a thermometer, each duty room is equipped with an infrared temperature detector, a set of rules has been made to strengthen the management of student apartment. In order to accommodate daily necessities, with the help of Logistic Department, the supermarket was specially opened for international students. According to the needs of international students, fresh supplies were regularly provided and all kinds of goods are reasonably priced and service is in place.

The Security Department strengthened the control of international students entering and exiting the main gate during the epidemic period, stipulated that nobody is allowed to go in and out without special circumstances, which effectively reduced the risk of infection due to the turnover and ensured the safety and stability of international students in campus.

The Union of our university cared about living conditions of international students in campus as well. Protective equipment such as masks are provided to students. In view of the fact that international students cannot go out, they were obliged to provide haircut services in campus, so that international students can fully feel the warmth of the big family of the university.

In response to the urgent needs of international students to carry out outdoor sports, the Physical Education Department arranged teachers to carry out a variety of outdoor sports regularly every week, including learning Tai Chi, extreme frisbee, running and jumping exercises, ball sports and so on. It has greatly enriched students’ campus life, strengthened their physique and boosted their spirit.

At present, all the international students in campus are with stable emotion, a good state of mind and an orderly life. They are quite positive on insisting online studying. They understand and follow all prevention and control measures taken by our university and overcome difficulties together with us. China Education News Network, China News Network, The Great Wall Network, Hebei Daily Client, Jiyun Client, and many other social media reported on the epidemic prevention and control of international students in our university.


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