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International Education College

2020-03-31 09:55:16(Beijing Time)

School of International Education

    Hebei Medical University began to enroll international students in 1994. In April 2001 the International Education College was established, which is responsible for foreign students’ enrollment, teaching and training, daily management and foreign affair management. The college consists of comprehensive office, administration office, teaching office, TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a second Language) teaching and research office, and students apartment office, and has 14 faculty members altogether.

     In 2004, the college began to enroll students majoring in clinical medicine, and in the same year, the college recruited the first PhD students who were taught entirely in English. In 2007, the university was recognized by the Ministry of Education as One of the First Universities with Full-English Teaching Qualification for Clinical Medicine Majors Studying in China. In 2009, the first batch of international students in MBBS were enrolled. In 2013, the Traditional Chinese Medicine College were separated from Hebei Medical University and Hebei University of Chinese Medicine was established. Therefore, International Education College was moved back to Zhongshan campus. In 2014, the university were recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of “the Universities Cultivating International Students Supported by Chinese Government Scholarships”. To date, the college has enrolled more than 1600 international students.

    The college has received 427 international students from 36 countries all over the world, of which 376 are undergraduates, 31 are postgraduates, and 20 are PhD students.A total of 29 international students are funded by Chinese Government Scholarships.

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