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School of Medical Imaging

2020-03-30 10:06:35(Beijing Time)

School of Medical Imaging

In 1983, the medical imaging program of Hebei Medical University was formally established. In 1995, the medical imaging undergraduate program began to recruit passionate students. In 2004, the medical imaging technology vocational program began to enroll students, and the imaging department was established. In 2014, the medical imaging technology undergraduate program started to recruit students. In June 2017, the School of Medical Imaging was founded based on the original Medical Imaging department. 

This School now offers 2 undergraduate programs, including Medical Imaging and Medical Imaging Technology, which has enrolled 743 full-time undergraduates at present. Besides, the two disciplines offer doctoral, master’s and undergraduate programs and have been authorized to establish post-doctoral research stations. Thus, the School preliminarily forms a multidisciplinary coordinated and supportive development pattern, with medical imaging diagnostics and medical imaging technology as the main subjects. Now, the School owns 6 key medical disciplines in Hebei Province, 1 Hebei Brand Specialty, 1 Provincial Quality Course, and 2 Provincial Quality Online Courses.

The School has 16 teaching and research offices, including Medical Physics, Medical Mathematics, Computer, the First, Second, Third and Fourth Imaging Diagnosis, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound Diagnostics, Interventional Radiology, Imaging Technology, Medical Imaging Theory, Tumor Radiotherapy Technology, Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Technology, and Nuclear Medicine Technology teaching and research offices. Besides the above-mentioned, it still involves 1 teaching experiment center, 1 co-constructed intelligent medical imaging laboratory, and 11 Training Centers of Clinical Medicine to immerse students in a deeper state of learning. 

The School is made up of teachers with rich teaching experiences and strong technical professionalism, of which the talent echelon indicates a reasonable structure. Specifically, the School has 32 full-time teachers and 109 part-time teachers, 5 of whom are PhD. supervisors and 35 of whom are M.S. supervisors. Besides, many teachers hold important academic positions such as chairmen, deputy chairmen, executive directors, directors, and other important academic positions in national first-level societies and provincial professional committees, and serve as editors in the editorial committees for Chinese core journals.In order to standardize the teaching of medical imaging, the clinical and basic science teachers in the School have compiled or participated in the compilation of 13 national planning textbooks in the past three years, 9 of which are 13thFive-year Planning textbooks. 

The School has made remarkable achievements in science and research in recent three years. For example, in the recent three years, teachers of the School of Medical Imaging have undertaken 2 Hebei Natural Science Foundation Projects,55 projects of provincial level and undertaken 5 School-level teaching projects. Teachers have published a total of 218 scientific research papers, 23 of which are published in SCI journals and 195 in Chinese core journals. In addition, they have won 36 Awards of Science and Technology Progress in Hebei Province, compiled 15 state-level textbooks, authorized 4 domestic utility model patents and hold 65 positions in academic organizations. 

The School attaches great importance to the quality education of undergraduates, actively implements the “Three Mentors” system, and organizes various meaningful activities such as mind-inspiring ones, recreational and sports ones, and professional counseling. 

In order to cultivate and advance the innovation and entrepreneurship for undergraduates, the School and Shenzhen Xudong Digital Medical Co., Ltd. have jointly established an intelligent Medical Imaging Laboratory, which integrates 3D image analysis, artificial intelligence, cloud processing, big data computing, and new project development.As an important teaching practice and scientific research base, the lab studies and incubates valuable research projects, integrating advantageous resources and aiming at clinical application. 

In terms of undergraduate internships, the School not only provides the internship programs in the four affiliated hospitals of the university, but also extends internship outside the province. The internship facilities also include Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking University Third Hospital, the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, and Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital where students can acquire clinical skills. The graduates of the School have been well received on the job market, and some outstanding graduates of medical imaging technology have signed formal employment agreements with Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital in recent years. As for engineering programs, the School and Neusoft Corporation have signed a cooperation agreement on practical teaching, and 8 students have begun their professional practice in Neusoft Corporation. 

Besides, the School has successfully recommended several honor students like Yirong Liu, Fan Chai, Menglu Wang and so on to prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University or other key universities to continue their postgraduate learning.

Teachersand students in the School have received great honors in national and provincial competitions in recent years. For example, in 2019, in the Second National Mini-Lecture Competition for Young Medical Professionals of Medical Imaging Technology Program organized by the Imaging Technology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a teacher in the department of medical physics won the second prize for Onsite Teaching. Two teachers also received the first prize and the second prize respectively in the First and Second Basic Teaching Skills Competition for Teachers of Medical Imaging Program in National Colleges and Universities. The faculty team of the Imaging Equipment Department was awarded the first prize among ultrasound groups in the First Hebei Medical Engineer Skills Competition, and the first prize in the DR Group in the First Medical Engineer Skills Competition of Five Provinces and Cities in North China on behalf of Hebei. A teacher was also selected as the third-level talent of “New Century 333 Talents” in Hebei Province and a teacher as the standing committee member of Tumor and Imaging Specialty of Wu Jieping Medical Foundation. In addition, 1 teacher was awarded the first prize in the3rd Medical Teaching Course in English for Young Teachers on school level, and another teacher won the third prize for his excellent teaching performance and teaching plans in the 13thTeaching Competition for Yong Teachers. One teacher was awarded as the Excellent Teacher in Clinical teaching. 

The students of our School received the third prize of Hebei Province in the 12th Chinese Collegiate Computing Competition in 2019. In the 6th “Taishan Cup” National Practical Skills Competition for College Students (Undergraduates) of Medical Imaging Technology Program hosted by the Imaging Technology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, 5 students of our School won the grand prize for team with the highest team score, four first prizes and one second prize for individuals because of their excellent performance. Graduate students of the School won the grand prize of the team in the First Clinical Ability (Medical Imaging) Competition of the Graduate Union of National Medical University and Colleges. One student won the grand prize in the thesis group in the 3rd Annual Conference for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program of Hebei Universities. 

All in all, the School has been awarded twice for Hebei Teaching Achievements Prize and 12 times for Teaching Achievements Prizes on school level since its founding. The School has 2 Provincial Quality Online Courses and develops 1 virtual intelligent stimulation platform with the company. Our students have finished 22 innovation and entrepreneurship projects of which 1 project is awarded the provincial grand prize, and 1 project is awarded the school-level grand prize and other 10 projects the first, second and third prizes.  

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