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Hebei Cancer Institute

2020-03-30 11:12:37(Beijing Time)

Hebei Cancer Institute was established on March 12, 1976, under the dual leadership ofHebei Health Department and Hebei Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1980, it was transferred from Hebei Academy of Medical Sciences to the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, relocated in the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, and the combining system of hospital and institutewas implemented. Administratively, it serves as a public health administrative department under the dual leadership of Hebei Health Department and Hebei Medical University. And it is one of the key research institutes in Hebei Province.

The purpose of Hebei Cancer Institute is to carry out medical researchon cancer and promote the development of health career. Focusing on the majority of ordinary people, it carries out researchon prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on clinical practice. Meanwhile, the cancer institute has multiple functions such as assisting the Health Commission of Hebei Province in formulating and organizing the implementation of cancer prevention and control programof Hebei Province, carrying out scientific research on cancer prevention and control, establishing the development priority of cancer researchin Hebei Province, carrying out counterpart assistance, engaging in scientific knowledge propagation and public health education, as well as undertaking other tasks assigned by state, provincial health commission, Hebei Medical University and other superior departments.

After decades of development, Hebei Cancer Institute has made a qualitative leap in both hardware and software facilities.In May 1999, scientific research center was established in the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University,undertaking scientific research tasks jointly withHebei Cancer Institute. Today, Hebei Cancer Institute consists of epidemiology research office, analytical cytology research office, molecular biology research office, pathology research office, immunology research office, and biological tissue specimen bank. The institute has 1 manager, 33 researchers (all have master's degree or above), and 12 technicians (8 with bachelor's degree). It has 5 Ph.D. student supervisors and 5 master supervisors; 8 are professors and 8 are associate professors; the talent echelonconstruction is in reasonable state. It has more than 500 scientific research equipment, including confocal laser scanning microscope, liquid protein chip time of flight mass spectrometer, high energy sequencing instrument, Cell (TM) circulating tumor detection system, flow cytometer, second-generation nuclear acid sequenator, gene chip workstation, and PCR instrument, etc.

Under the leadership of both hospital and institute, and with the support of hospital’s faculty and staff, the institute has made the following achievements in last three years after unremitting endeavors: In 2016,there were publications and projects,including 22 SCI papers,25 papers in national core journals, 8 national projects under research, 27 projects at ministerial and provincial levels, 3 national awards, 4 awards at ministerial and provincial levels. In addition, 15 students graduated with doctoral degreeand 27 with master's degree. In 2017, there were 30 SCI papers, 62 papers in national core journals, 10 national projects under research, 25 projects at ministerial and provincial levels, 3 awards at ministerial and provincial levels. And 13 students obtained doctoral degree and 27 received master's degree. In the year 2018, there were 36 SCI papers, 37 papers in national core journals, 12 national projects under research, 28 projects at ministerial and provincial levels, 12 awards at ministerial and provincial levels, and the center cultivated 13 Ph.D. students and 11 postgraduates.

Hebei Cancer Center, Hebei Cancer Prevention and Treatment office, Hebei Anti-cancer Association, Hebei Society of Immunology, and Urban Cancer Screening Office are located atthe institute.


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