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Department of Medical Laboratory Zoology

2020-03-30 10:54:41(Beijing Time)

Department of Medical Laboratory Zoology is originally Center of Medical Laboratory Zoology of Hebei Medical College (established in 1988). After the establishment of Hebei Medical University in 1995, the department was renamed as Department of Medical Laboratory Zoology, a teaching-assistant department directly subjected to the university. It is composed of a breeding department of experimental animals, a research institute of quality control, and a research laboratory of animal models for human diseases.

In January 1989, combination of Center of Medical Laboratory Zoology of Hebei Medical College with Laboratory Zoology Center of Hebei Province (public institution with the status of an independent legal entity) was approved by Hebei Authorized Committee. The newly-established institute includes Hebei Quality Test Division for Laboratory Zoology (established in 1996), which is the attached institution of Hebei Laboratory Zoology Society (established in 2014), and Laboratory Zoology Branch of Hebei Medical Association.

The main task of the department is to produce standardized experimental animals for teaching and scientific research. It is also responsible for the public service platform of animal experiment of the university, providing high-level professional services for the university and the key scientific research projects in Heibei province.  Apart from that, the department offers related courses such as "Experimental Zoology", and carries out education and teaching research to cultivate related professionals. It studies the quality control of experimental animals, new resources of animals, and animal models of human diseases as well, promoting the development of zoology.

There are 26 staff members (including 1 doctoral supervisor, 5 master supervisors, and 18 members with senior professional titles) in the department. Zoology (directed at experimental animals) and genetics of the department are master degree authorization disciplines. The department offers courses such as "Medical Laboratory Zoology", "Medical Genomics", and "Medical Genetics", to name a few.

With production license of feed bedding, and production and application license of experimental animals, the department owns a 9500 square meters factory/laboratory for production and test of experimental animals, and 1109 sets of equipment. It is the only authorized institute for SPF-class rat and mouse production and quality control in Hebei province. The standardized experimental animals produced by the department meet the national standard for 25 years consecutively. And what’s more, the department-fostered MIJ, HFJ, and MIJN inbred rats with independent intellectual property rights are unique experimental animals exclusively in China.

With the support from Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the university, the department has established a sound service system of genetic modification technology on mice, rats, and zebrafish. As the largest public service center for experimental animals of Hebei Province, the department can provide standardized support for hosting experimental animals, and animal research on ergology, morphology, behavior, and imaging.

In 1991, Hebei Key Laboratory of Experimental Zoology founded by our department is the earliest key laboratory in Hebei Province, and the first provincial-level key laboratory of experimental animals in China. Since its founding, the key laboratory has been focusing on the significant research in life sciences and scientific problems to be solved in medical science and technology. Aiming at serving life sciences, human health research and pharmaceutical industry, it keeps improving the standardized management of experimental animal production. The key laboratory is also interested in researching the technical system of experimental animal quality test and control to provide technical support for the quality standardization and management regularization of experimental animals. Following the forefront of the discipline, it is now carrying out research on the development of new drugs and animal models for the prevention and treatment of major human diseases.

Since 2015, our department has undertaken more than 10 research projects from the national science and technology support plan and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 28 projects from Hebei Province. It has published 37 articles (including 27 SCI papers), won 5 awards containing a second-class prize of science and technology progress of Hebei province and 2 awards from Chinese association of experimental animal science. The department has also obtained two invention patents, and presided over the formulation of 1 local standard for Hebei Province.

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