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HEMBU’s international PCT patent is authorized in the United States

2019-06-24 11:32:10(Beijing Time)

Recently, the "ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL BED AND SURGICAL TABLE WITH THE FUNCTIONS OF TRACTION AND REDUCTION", which was invented by Academician Zhang Yingze of the Third Hospital of HEBMU, was granted a certificate of authorization in the United States (US Patent No. US10,064,776B2). This is our school obtained the second US Patent and Trademark Office authorized international PCT patent after obtaining the first one since 2014.

The invention patent applied for PCT patent to the International Patent Office in February 2014, and the international stage review conclusion issued by the International Patent Office in February 2015 with “novelty, advancement and industrial applicability”; and then, in 2015, July through the patent law firm of China and the United States, it entered the US national invention patent and was authorized in September 2018.

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