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2016-07-10 12:01:46(Beijing Time)

Hebei Medical University started to enroll graduate students in 1964, and after a pause as was the case with other universities in China, it resumed its enrollment in 1978. With the approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Hebei Medical University became one of the first-batch of universities with the authority to confer Master’s Degrees in 1981, and gained the authority to confer doctoral degrees in 1986. In 1998, Hebei Medical University was approved as a pilot unit for conferring professional master’s degree in Clinical Medicine, and in 1999 it established the first post-doctoral research station in Hebei Province.

Founded in 2001, the Graduate School of Hebei Medical University is one of the important bases for cultivating high-level medical and pharmaceutical talents in China. Now Hebei Medical University offers 42 doctoral degree programs and 68 master degree programs, with 91 doctoral candidate supervisors and over 1100 master candidate supervisors. There are 3,452 postgraduate students, including over 350 doctoral candidates, currently studying in the Graduate School.

In recent years, with the enlargement of the enrollment scale and the increase in the number of master and doctoral degree programs, a well structured postgraduate degree education system has been formed with a complete range of disciplines covering Biology, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM-Western Medicine Integration and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Graduate School has been furthering the reform of its enrollment system and controlling its enrollment scale, thus steadily improving the quality of the source of students. Being a pioneer in the reform of graduate education system in Hebei Province, the Graduate School has seen a continuous elevation of its students’ academic creative ability, professional skills and overall qualities. Now Hebei Medical University is steadily and steadfastly promoting its discipline constructions and degree  management. Besides, a flexible and effective employment service platform has been established to collect and provide employment information for the students. A great number of rewarding activities have been organized to build up a strong academic and cultural atmosphere and promote the overall qualities of the graduate students. The construction of the grass-roots Party organizations has been strengthened, which has enhanced the education management and improved graduate students’ ideological and political qualities. In recent years, the Graduate School has won the title of ‘Advanced Party Organization’ of the university and has been a model in the activities of ‘Vying to Act as an Excellent Party Branch’ and ‘Innovations in the Party Building in Colleges and Universities’ in Hebei Province. Great efforts have also been made in promoting the informationization of graduate education, thus practically improving the quality of the graduate education and degree education management.


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