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2016-07-10 10:02:22(Beijing Time)

A well-balanced medical teaching system has been established in Hebei Medical University. It mainly comprises 5 directly affiliated hospitals and 17 indirectly affiliated hospitals, the latter including Hebei Provincial People’s Hospital and Tangshan Workers Hospital, with a total of over 27,000 beds. The directly affiliated hospitals form the mainstay of the medical teaching system, while the indirectly affiliated hospitals, together with another 50 teaching hospitals and practice bases in use, serve as its supplement.

Centering on the maintenance and improvement of its clinical teaching quality, the university attaches great importance to the in-depth construction of its clinical teaching bases. The awareness of teaching quality has been enhanced, the teaching conditions have been improved and the teaching management has been standardized by means of appraisal of the affiliated hospitals, supervision by experts, teaching quality evaluation and large-scale teachers training, which has ensured the elevation of the teaching level of the university. Meanwhile, the university lays emphasis on the cultivation of students’ clinical skills and humanistic qualities. It has reinforced the construction of clinical skill centers both in the university and in its affiliated hospitals, and paid close attention to the training and assessment of the students’ clinical skills. These efforts have proved fruitful: the students from the university won the third prizes in the National Clinical Skills Competition of Medical Students and secured the first place in the north China venue for two consecutive years.

Scientific evaluation of undergraduates teaching quality with an established dynamic evaluation system for the affiliated hospitals

In order to further standardize the construction and management of the teaching bases, Hebei Medical University has adopted assessment of the affiliated hospitals by the university in combination with self-assessment, and issued the Criteria for Undergraduates Teaching Evaluation in Hebei Medical University according to the principle of ‘Promoting Construction and Management through Evaluation to Ensure Teaching Quality and Development’. These measures have given great impetus to the construction of the clinical teaching bases and the improvement of clinical teaching quality.

Steady progress being made in the cultivation of students’ clinical skills with effort

Taking the improvement of students’ clinical practice skills as the key point of medical education reform, Hebei Medical University issued the Guidelines on Further Strengthening the Training of Clinical Skills of Medical Students, with great emphasis laid on the cultivation of students’ clinical ability and the construction of the Clinical Skill Centers in the university and its affiliated hospitals. The university tried promoting the students’ clinical skills through competitions. It organizes on-campus clinical skill competitions, and organizes teams to participate in the National Clinical Skill Competitions of Medical Students, in which its students perform excellently. These competitions have also produced a group of high-level clinical skill trainers in the affiliated hospitals, which in turn potentiates the training of students clinical skills.

Furthering reformsstrengthening process management and establishing a comprehensive system for monitoring clinical teaching quality

Regarding teaching quality as the essential function and lifeline of a university, Hebei Medical University has issued documents such as the Manual of Standardized Management of Clinical Teaching in Hebei Medical University and the Manual of Graduation Practice for Students in Clinical Medicine, and taken a better control of teaching quality by combining teaching process management with final assessments. Meanwhile, the university has organized a supervision group consisting of experts on clinical teaching to inspect the teaching bases annually, to know the facts there and to confer with the base leaders for solution to the problems discovered, which effectively guarantees the clinical teaching quality in the university. 

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