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Convene A Meeting for Summing-up and Exchanging Experience of National Clinical Skills Competition

2017-11-10 11:08:20(Beijing Time)

On September 28, the clinical practice teaching department convened a meeting for summing-up and exchanging experience of national clinical skills competition at Room 301 of Administration Building and more than 30 persons attended the meeting, including Zhang Hailin, the vice president, related officials of the clinical practice teaching department, related person in charge of teaching from the 3rd hospital, related persons in charge of academic affairs from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hospitals, skill training instructors and contestants of national clinical skills competition.


At the meeting, the directors of academic affairs offices of the 2nd and the 4th hospitals, the director of clinical skill center, the instructors from departments of surgery, pediatrics, etc. as well as the contestants from the 2nd hospital attending 2017 National Clinical Skills Competition for Medicos of Higher Medical Universities/Colleges on behalf of our university delivered speeches, covering the conditions of organization and preparation for the competition (north China and national final), the achievements obtained and problems found during the training for competition preparation, the contestants’ feelings in entering the competition, thinking after the competition and improvements to be made in the next competition and routine clinical skill training in the future, etc. Hou Zhiyong, the vice president of the 3rd hospital, made a detailed report on behalf of hospitals regarding the selection of contestants participating in the 9th National Clinical Skills Competition for Medicos, incentive measures taken by the hospital, forming a team of training instructors and the conditions going to advanced universities for exchange/study and preparation for the competition. The participants made the speeches respectively and in-depth exchange and discussion with regard to the clinical competence cultivation for the medicos and the organization, training mode and method improvements for clinical skills competition, and brought forward opinions and proposals.

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