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Convene A Meeting for Arranging the Undergraduate Education Checking, Evaluation and Rectification and Initiating Specialized Accreditation for Clinical Medicine Major

2017-11-10 11:01:28(Beijing Time)

On the afternoon of July 3, our university convened a meeting for arranging the undergraduate education checking, evaluation and rectification and initiating specialized accreditation for clinical medicine major at the Lecture Hall, West Teaching Building, Zhongshan Campus.


At the meeting, president Cui makes an arrangement for the undergraduate education checking, evaluation and rectification and an in-depth analysis on such issues as why to rectify, what to rectify and how to rectify. He points out that our university’s undergraduate education came into rectification phase which is an intensification and promotion of preliminary work and a key step for us to seize the opportunity, understand experts’ views, deepen educational/teaching reform and to integrally enhance educational/teaching quality. The importance of rectification is embodied in “Three Urgent Needs”, that is, the rectification be a urgent need for performing evaluation procedures and implementing the policy “facilitating the building via evaluation”, for integrally implementing undergraduate teaching central position and serving the medicos growth and for promoting university development and building “Double First-class University”. He also emphasizes that the rectification mainly covers 3 inspects, that is, following the feedback opinions from experts team and rectifying accordingly, gathering the opinions and advices for the experts during the evaluation process and rectifying thoroughly and combining with our university’s key ongoing reform tasks and rectifying against the underlying problems restricting the university’s development.

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