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HEBMU Held The First Annual Lipid Metabolism And Cardiovascular Biology Symposium Of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) Metropolitan Area

2016-11-09 10:12:18(Beijing Time)

For the purpose of coordinated development of cardiovascular research within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) Metropolitan area, from November 4th to 6th, the first Annual Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Biology Symposium of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) Metropolitan Area was successfully hosted in Yiling Health City conference center located in the city of Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. The symposium was hosted by Hebei Medical   University, Hebei Biochemical and Molecular Biological Society and Hebei Key Laboratory of Biomedical Technology, and co-hosted by National Key Laboratory of Meridian science and traditional Chinese medicine. The symposium was co-chaired by the dean of graduate school, the commissioner of Hebei Biochemical and Molecular Biological Society, professor Mei Han and Distinguished Professor of Hebei Medical University, professor Hongyuan Yang. 

During the opening ceremony, professor Mei Han announced the opening of the symposium and acknowledged the audience and speakers, then the vice president of Hebei Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, the chair of Hebei Society of Science and Technology, the vice president of Hebei Medical University, professor Huijun Duan, and the party secretary of Hebei Medical University, Professor Haihun Zhai, acknowledged welcome speeches on behave of Hebei Society of Science and Technology and Hebei Medical University, respectively. After that, 17 distinguished Chinese scientists in the field of lipid metabolism and cardiovascular biology delivered one breath-taking presentation after another, including fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor Yiling Wu, fellow of Chinese Academy of Science, professor Peng Li, multiple 973 Project chief scientists, Yangtze River Scholars and Distinguished Youth Scholars with National Science Foundation. The audience, mainly faculties and graduate students from Hebei Medical  University, responded actively and communicated extensively with the speakers, everybody presented at the meeting, including both speakers and audience, enjoyed and benefited from those mind-blowing talks. The successful hosting of this world-class symposium demonstrated the great collaboration between the cardiovascular research team of our university with other top cardiovascular research facilities inChina, and is definitely beneficial for the improvement of the scientific atmosphere and scientific research in our university. 

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