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President Cui Huixian visited European universities with the Delegation of Hebei Medical Higher Education

2016-11-08 11:15:22(Beijing Time)

Recently, President Cui with with Hebei Higher Education Delegation visited six higher education institutions in Span, Italy, and Hungry and gained excellent exchanging outcomes.

The delegation visited Compton University and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain, Cafoscari University of Venice, Università di Camerino and the University of Roma Tor Vergata, in Italy, as well as Hungary's Semmelweis University and has reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

President Cui Huixian and delegation visited the medical school of Compton University, Spain and reached a preliminary cooperation intention throughout the exchange of discussion. At Università di Camerino in Italy, President Cui Huixian and the delegation had great conversation with President Petit Narey and signed partnership framework agreement about two universities’ interscholastic visits, teaching staff and students’ exchange, scientific research cooperation and cooperative projects etc. The delegation and Semmelweis University reached a consensus on teachers’ exchange, transfer students’ credits and other fields. The Education Department of Hebei Province on behalf of the universities signed a memorandum of cooperation with Semmelweis University, which the memorandum scheduled that they will sign the relevant cooperation agreement before the China and 16 Eastern European Countries summit.

President Cui's visit to Spain, Italy and Hungary, set the stage for the exchange in these countries and draws the future of development of international exchanges and cooperation between teachers and students.

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