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National University of Ireland, Galway Visited Hebei Medical University

2016-10-27 10:07:58(Beijing Time)

Professor Timothy O’Blaine Dean of Medicine College, National University of Ireland, Galway University and Professor Shen Sanbing, Professor Liu Min, visited HEBMU on Oct.18th. Vice President Professor Zhang Hailin, Party Secretary Zhai Haihun met with the delegation. Professor Wu Yuming and Professor Zhang Xianghong attended the meeting.

Party Secretary Zhai Haihun hopes that both university can play their respective advantages, jointly set up research centers, strengthen scientific research cooperation. Vice President Zhang Hailin and President O’Brien introduced the situation of their respective Universities. During the talks, they discussed the problem of student exchanges, teacher exchanges, international construction etc. Both sides discussed the possibility that senior students in both two universities could carry out clinical practice activity at each other university from 2017 summer. During the meeting, both sides reached to consensus which opens a new chapter of friendly exchanges. In the future the two sides will expand cooperation forms in the field of education and exchange. The delegation also visited our University Research Laboratory of Biochemistry and history museum.

National University ofIrelandGalway was founded in 1845, formerly known as the Queen's College Galway. National University ofIrelandGalway was reorganized in 1908. At present, the number of students in the school is more than 17000. The school composed of five college College: Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies, College of Business, Public Policy and Law, and College of Engineering & Informatics, College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, College of Science. Among them the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences offers bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree, and to carry out a number of clinical cooperation with the hospital to provide students with professional clinical knowledge and cutting-edge medical research training.

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