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The Fourth School of Clinical Medicine / The Fourth Hospital of HEBMU

2016-07-08 09:36:06(Beijing Time)

The Fourth School of Clinical Medicine / The Fourth Hospital of HEBMU

The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also known as Hebei Provincial Tumor Hospital, is a comprehensive third-level Grade A hospital, maintaining its focus on diagnosis and treatment of tumors and covering medical treatment, teaching, research,preventive and healthcare. A number of provincial institutions, including  Hebei Cancer Research Institute, the Office of Hebei Cancer Prevention, Hebei Anti-cancer  Association and Hebei Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Cancer Diagnose and Treatment, are based in this hospital. There are 432 senior experts in the hospital, including 20 experts receiving special allowance from the State Council, 4 extraordinary experts under direct management of the province, 21 young experts with provincial-level outstanding contributions, 137 master or doctoral candidate supervisors and 136 experts with doctoral degrees. The ICU, Department of Thoracic Surgery and Department of General Surgery are national key clinical specialties. Its Oncology is a provincial characteristically strong discipline. The hospital also has many provincial key disciplines, including Cardiothoracic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Radiotherapy, General Surgery, Tumor Imaging, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nephrology and Medical Oncology. Besides, the research center of this hospital is a provincial key laboratory.

Now, the hospital focuses on tumor diagnosis and treatment, having formed a comprehensive treatment system integrating operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy and TCM treatment. Conspicuously in esophagus cancer treatment, the hospital has performed more than 30,000 operations, the number ranking the first in the world, and has attained national advanced level in this field.

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