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The Third School of Clinical Medicine / The Third Hospital of HEBMU

2016-07-08 10:35:12(Beijing Time)

The Third School of Clinical Medicine / The Third Hospital of HEBMU

The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University was founded in 1958 and is now a provincial comprehensive third-level Grade A hospital covering medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation.

It has 58 clinical departments, 13 technical departments and 7 other professional departments, with a total bed number of 1,726. There is 1 national key clinical specialty, i.e. Orthopedics, 7 provincial key medical disciplines, 1 candidate provincial key discipline (Ophthalmology), and 1 provincial key TCM specialty (TCM-Western Medicine Integration based Liver Disease Treatment). The hospital has 11 research institutions including the Hebei Orthopedics Research Institute, Hebei Nephropathy Research Center and Hebei Coloproctology Research Center. It has also established the Hebei Clinical Research Base of Texas Back Institute. It offers 4 doctoral programs and 15 master programs. The hospital receives 441 thousand outpatients annually, discharges 47 thousand inpatients, and carries out operations on 29 thousand cases each year. There are 9 doctoral candidate supervisors, 9 extraordinary experts under direct management of the province, 23 experts receiving special allowance from the government and 26 young experts with outstanding contributions.

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