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School of International Education

2016-07-08 15:25:55(Beijing Time)

School of International Education

Holding fast to the principle of running an open university, Hebei Medical University attaches great importance to the exchange and cooperation with foreign institutions and has forged friendly relations successively with 16 medical schools and research institutes in other countries such as Japan, Belgium, the United States, Russia, France, Indonesia and Kirghizia, which has made Hebei Medical University an important platform for international cultural exchange. A great many faculty members have been sent abroad to pursue academic degrees or advanced studies, and a good number of professors and experts have been sent abroad to attend international academic conferences or give lectures. More than 40 foreign experts have been invited to hold honorary positions in this university. Channels are now being expanded actively for academic exchanges, including exchanges between international students. The university sends undergraduates and graduate students abroad to visit friendship schools, which helps renew their ideas and broaden their horizons. The education of overseas students has been developing steadily in this university, with a current number of overseas students up to 400 and that of student source countries increased from 14 to 30. A complete system for overseas students education has been established, with lectures given not only in Chinese but also in English. With the advantages of the one-century-old university fully utilized, Hebei Medical University has created a good learning and living environment for overseas students.

Hebei Medical University began to recruit foreign students since 1994. Students from South Korea, the United States, India, Thailand and other 30 countries. At present, foreign students studing at the university go up to more than 400. Hebei Medical University is the Chinese Association of higher education of Foreign Students Education Management Association executive director of the unit, the World Association of acupuncture and moxibustion education base and the test distribution, the Ministry of Education announced the first batch of undergraduate enrollment of clinical medicine (English) University students. The graduate students get jobs in South Korea, the United States of America, Canada, India and other places. Hebei Medical University is the first in Hebei province to recruit students in Hong Kong and Taiwan universities.The basic situation of students have been enrolled a total of 1407 people.

Professional Distribution: clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine,acupuncture and massage, stomatology, Integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, Clinical Medicine of Integration of TCM&WM, basic medicine, preventive medicine etc.

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