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School of Stomatology / Stomatology Hospital of HEBMU

2016-07-08 18:18:40(Beijing Time)

The Stomatological Hosapital of Hebei Medical University is the only provincial stomatological hospital in Hebei Province covering medical treatment, teaching, research and prevention. It bears the responsibility for cultivation of doctoral candidates, postgraduates, undergraduates, specialized trainees and visiting trainees, as well as the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral diseases for Hebei and neighboring provinces. It boasts more than 90 imported combined dental units and a first-class clean surgery section. As the treatment and healthcare center for oral diseases in Hebei province, the hospital has the Department of Oral Medicine (consisting  of 3 specialties, i.e., endodontics, periodontal disease and oral mucosal diseases), Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Prosthodontics, Department of Or thodontics, Department of Children Dental Diseases, Department of Oral Radiotherapy, Department of Oral Pathology, Department of Clinical Laboratory Science, and 3 treatment centers, namely, the Sequential Treatment Center for Cheilopalatognathus, the Treatment Center for Snoring and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders and the Treatment Center for Artificial Tooth Implantation.

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